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Anake Machinery Company Limited.

Anake Machinery Company Limited was established in February 19, 1996. Our business's objective designs and produce machine by Thais. High standard quality control system in every operation meets with international standard for domestic and overseas customer by Thais Engineer. We bring modern and new technology complete with our technique skill and experience to create our packaging machines for liquid products such as purify drinking water, mineral water, edible oil, chilly sauce, tomato sauce, fruit juice, fish sauce, ketchup, alcoholic, wine, shampoo, bath gel, cosmetic and etc.

Present we have exported our machines to worldwide countries such as USA, Canada, Vietnam, Libya, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philipines, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nepal , etc.

Office Hours :

Mon-Fri : 08:00 am.-5:00 pm.
Sat : Special appointment.
Telephone : (66 2) 503-7691
Fax : (66 2) 503-7726 (Office)
Fax : (66 2) 503-8487 (Sale)

Together in the future food and drink technology.

Products of Thailand for Domestic and Export.

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Anake Machinery

Anake Machinery

Anake Machinery

Anake Machinery

Vision & Mission

The creation and development of quality machines.

1. Vision :

Anake Machinery Co., Ltd. intends to be leader of packaging machine and conveyor maker with Hi- Technology system. Develop and management our employees to have high-standard to response customer complete with international quality and prices. Together with punctual and fast deliver products.

2. Mission :

To strive develop quality products punctual delivery and fast service for customer satisfaction by suitable management and technology. Build up consciousness service mind to all employees.

3. Policy :

We intend to develop and product make to order automatic packaging until to meet the growing domestic and international demand of our individuals.

4. Task :

To provide best quality machine and prompt service are Interest our main. We provide satisfaction to our valued customer and never compromise on the quality of our products.

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